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2. Allgäuer Boarder Talent Day

Like the Kids Slopestyle in Nesselwang, the Allgäuer Boarder Talent Day wants to build on the success of last year on February the 16th, 2019. Here ambitious offspring freestylers can experience the passion to freestyle disciplines in winter sports in the separate Kids Snowpark in Nesselwang.

Next to a warm up before the shred action, a whole day with coachings by pros of the Allgäuer Boarders will be on the agenda of the Talent Day. This is the perfect opportunity to learn first tricks or improve the already present snowboard skills on Mini – World Cup obstacles.

Of course, to keep the small shredders powerful, there will be food supply and some goodies for the participants.

The registration will be in the morning at the 16th of February, so there is no preregistration necessary.