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Nikita G.W.R. Coaching & Session for Girls

The Girls from Shred Unit will give you a free coaching together with the team riders from Nikita Clothing.
(Park will stay open for all)

We’ll have a progression session in the morning with coaching help from Shred Unit and Nikita Clothing riders, then move into the afternoon for a full-on snowboard jam contest where we’ll be giving out AWESOME prizes to riders who show up and throw down (even if you’re just learning, there are prizes for you! It’s not just a giveaway for the best tricks).

Afterwards, we’ll be having a BBQ at Snowpark Nesselwang so we can go over the highlights of the day.

Save your spot now by emailing

Again, this event is FREE- so tell your friends, grab your boards and we’ll see you on March, the 2nd!